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Supporting Kids

Life changed drastically for everyone, including kids. From one day to another they stopped seeing their friends, teachers, and going to their favorite places.

It is hard for them to fully understand the reason behind social distancing, the importance of staying at home and why they need to follow new rules to stay healthy.  

This is why Home Girl is intended to help parents 

teach their kids about the importance of staying at home, washing their hands, and wearing a mask outside if needed. The doll will help girls understand what is happening and will show them how fun it can be to stay at home! Girls will learn how to take care of themselves and understand the importance of following the new rules by having the responsibility of keeping their doll safe. 

Desire to Help


The Pandemic has affected the entire world, but some countries have been affected far worse than others. Venezuela is currently living a humanitarian crisis, and with next to no water, soap, beds, ventilators, personal protective equipment,  a shortage of food, gas, and electricity—its prospects for grappling with the coronavirus seem slim. 

This is why Home Girl will be donating to the foundation "Pounds of Love", which is dedicated to send food to people in need in Venezuela every week.

You can learn more about Pounds of Love through their website:

and Instagram: @librasdeamor where they show how donations can change lives.

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