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Everything is easier with a friend

Home Girl is the best friend every girl needs during these times. 

This doll will help girls understand what is happening and will show them how fun it can be to stay at home! 

I take care of you, 

you take care of me

It is hard for kids to understand why everything suddenly changed due to the Pandemic. This is why Home Girl is intended to help parents teach their kids  the importance of staying at home, washing their hands, and wearing a mask outside if needed.


Girls will learn how to take care of themselves and understand the importance of following the new rules by having the responsibility of keeping their doll safe.

This doll will help them get through these hard times by showing girls how fun it can be to stay at home!

Home Girl

Safe Girl

Fun Girl 

The doll comes inside her house, along with two special cotton face masks that matches her dress, one for her and one for her new best friend. 

Her house comes with rules, rules that should be followed to stay healthy and safe.


Doll House


Plush Doll


Two matching

cotton face masks



“We live in New York, so we are wearing face masks when we go outside. It was hard for my toddler to understand, she didn't like it. Now she loves matching face masks with her doll. Home Girl made everything easier, thank you”

Mary Miller

“I don't want my girl to forget this year, it brought us closer as a family, and her Home Girl doll will always remind her of the great time we had at home”

Jennifer Thompson

“Can't think of a more thoughtful and special gift to give during these times. My niece's face lit up when she saw the dollhouse at her doorstep”

Danielle P.

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